First Ever "Not Me Monday"

OK, so thanks to the same friend who got be obsessed with Kelly's Korner got me into reading My Charming Kids by MckMama.

I've been reading MckMama's blog for a while now and decided to try my hand at what she calls "not me Monday" so bare with me as I try this for the first time.

I didn't tell a couple of my friends from Arkansas they could stay with us for a night or 2 before talking to my husband. Nope, not me, I always talk to my husband before making plans.

I am not really upset with the USPS for not delivering a package yet that a friend in Houston sent last Tuesday. Nope, not me, I don't get upset about things like that, especially when she paid for 2 day delivery. From Houston to a little town about 5 hours away.

I don't look forward to nap time every week day so I can blog and chat with my other mommy friends and not worry about a little someone climbing up me all the time. Nope not me, I love having Kyndall climb up in my lap and bang on my computer and open windows to things I've never seen before.

I am not currently laying on the floor in my classroom typing this because I don't like sitting in teeny tiny chairs and little bitty short tables. Nope, not me.

I'm not completely confident in myself with this blog and that I did what I was supposed to. Nope not me, I never second guess myself on anything.

OK, so what'd you think? Any of you regular "Not Me Monday" people have any suggestions?


Elizabeth said...

Great first Not Me! Monday! And adorable blog and daughter!

Ashley said...

LOL - I think I may have to steal this from you!! Too funny!

krwferg said...

I like it! i may have to try it out some time!