St. Patty's Day is coming

Are you ready? Well if not, then go check out some of our latest creations at K&E Darlin Designs! We have purchased a sewing machine which has enabled us to introduce a wider variety of shirts, including a "Tie Shirt" line just for boys! Well, I guess you could get one for a girl if you really wanted, but just saying...

Here is one of the many options for a "tie shirt." Like the rest of our products, you can let us know what color tie you want, and we'll find a material just for you!
This is a preview of our St. Patty's Day Shamrock shirt. Wouldn't your child look so cute in this wearing it to school(or vacation if on Spring Break) on St. Patty's Day?

And of course we didn't forget about the girls!
Here is the St. Patty's tutu! For a small extra fee, we can add green ribbon.

And of course the matching korker! We do have crochet headbands available for purchase as well.

Now just imagine your little girl wearing the shamrock shirt with her new tutu and matching bow! Isn't that one of the cutest imagines? Well, make it possible, and go visit K&E Darlin Designs today!


Summer said...

Oh I love it...I am gonna go check it out! I have a friend who loves the tie shirts....so I will def go take a looksy...
Super cute
Summer :0)

Kassie said...

The tie shirt is so cute!

mavericks_mommy said...

Very cute!

Happy Friday Follow

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Mavericks mommy

Angela said...

What cute stuff. New Friday follower.