We're on the move!

Kyndall says "Forget crawling! Walking is for me!"

When I put Kyndall down, she used to go into a sitting position and crawl for a bit before she'd get up and walk, but not anymore. I can put her down and she takes off across the room!

Yesterday at daycare, her teacher told me it wouldn't be long before she was moved from the crib to a big girl mat on the floor. [When the little ones transition from the baby room to the young toddler room, they start out in a crib until they are walking.]

Here are some pictures of her on the move!

When she first started out, she either had to have nothing in her hands, or something in both to balance. I love the look of concentration on her face and her tongue hanging out!

We were trying to get some pictures of her for my business, K&E Darlin Designs, but she wouldn't sit still. Or sit for that matter. LOL!

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