Super Sunday

Kyndall and I went to a Super Bowl party last night. We didn't watch much of the game[nor am I to sure of the final score], but I do know the Saints won! Way to geaux!

Here are some pictures of what Kyndall did for most of the night. I pretty much just kept up with her and caught up some with friends.

Kyndall found the Firetruck riding toy, and decided to ride it backwards. Which is really funny because she can only go backwards on the riding toys so if you were looking at her from the front of the toy, she'd be coming right at you forward! She also has a mouth full of cookie.
Here she is in the kid kitchen with a couple of the other kids at the party. She was the youngest girl. Well, almost the youngest one there. There was a little boy who is younger than her there, but he didn't do much playing.

Here she is showing off her walking skills, and her shirt and bow. I made the shirt and my business partner made the bow.

This is the back of Kyndall's shirt. The "30" is because she was born on December 30th. She really enjoyed this play cube thing. We may have to invest in one of these!

She also really enjoyed playing in the kitchen. I guess shes trying to be like her daddy! Chad enjoys being in the kitchen too.


Summer said...

Oh I love Kendall's shirt! Super cute! She has to be the cutest little Saints fan LOL!

Glad ya'll had a Great Super Bowl Sunday!!

Have a Great Day
Summer :0)

Ashley said...

Super cute :) Olivia is the same...she loves riding her toys backwards. I don't get it!