Who are you cheering for?

OK, so I must admit that I look forward to the Puppy Bowl more than I do the actual Super Bowl.

But if I have to pick a team from the actual "big game" I'd pick the New Orleans Saints. Not that I care which team wins or loses. So which team are you cheering for?
The Saints...

...or the Colts?

Tonight Kyndall and I are going to a Super Bowl party at one of my friend's house. This will be mine and Kyndall's first "official" Super Bowl party. Now, I have been to a few church youth group parties, but this is the first time I have gone to some one's house with the main entertainment being the game. Last year Kyndall was too young to really care, or do much of anything for that matter. Not that she'll really care this year, but she'll have fun playing with the other kids (or at least I hope she will!)

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