I got an award? Me?

So apparently someone other than my mother reads my blog because Bonnie over at Turds In My Kitchen nominated me for the "Beautiful Blogger Award." Thank you Bonnie for this award, I am really excited about this it. :)

So now its my turn to pass on the "wealth" and follow the award rules, which are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Copy the award and paste it to your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. List 7 interesting things about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers.

OK, here goes:

7 interesting things about me:

1) In my 26 years of life, I have been to 5 other countries- London[ok, the airport, but it counts], Nigeria, Mexico, Canada, and Venezuela.
2) I have never broken a bone, but I did have stitches in my chin when I was 2 while visiting my grandparents in Nigeria.
3) I have had 5 surgeries- wisdom teeth removed, knee surgery, a stint put in, a c-section, and the stint removed.
4) My permanent address has only been different for a year, the other 25 years, its been my home in Longview.
5) I can wiggle, my right ear, and my right ear only. Trust me, I have tried and tried to do the left one.
6) I have one little girl named Kyndall(obviously) and a husband named Chad. Kyndall is almost 14 months, and Chad and I will have been married for 4 years come March 11.
7) I really enjoy watching the curling in the Olympics.

My 7 nominees for this award:

1) You are my Sunshine
2) The Bryant Family
3) 365 Days of Duran
4) Summer's Story
5) Castellow Triplets
6) And Baby Makes Two
7) These are the days of our Lives

And I think you should check out these blogs as well!


Summer said...

Thanks sooo much! Totally made my night! The hubs is having a surgical procedure on his back tommorrow! Nervous about that....that is why I am blogging late....Anywho thanks so much again for the award....your a sweetie and Kendall is just a doll....
Summer :0)

Ashley said...

Awww, thanks Kim :)

krwferg said...

Thank you!!!!! Your great!