Happy Birthday?

Well, today I turn 26. I am more than half way to 50. I am on the down hill slide to 30. I feel OLD! Now, I know to some people 26 is still a baby and that some others never make it to 26. I guess I should feel blessed that God has given me 26 years.
I didn't do a lot for my birthday. I did have to go to work. Today was also Kyndall's Valentine party because the daycare postponed them due to the "snow day" on Friday. After work, Chad and I fed Kyndall and cleaned up the house a bit. We had gotten a sitter so that Chad and I could go on an adult only date.
It wasn't anything special. We went to Newk's. I knew Chad couldn't tell me "no" on my birthday. He's not a huge fan of Newk's, but I like it.
After we finished dinner, we headed over to Old Navy. We went looking for pants for me, but ended up getting Kyndall a St. Patty's Day shirt instead. (Isn't that the "norm?" Go for something for you and get something for your child instead? HA!)
After Old Navy, we hit up Office Depot. I know, romantic, right? LOL. We went because I needed a mouse pad since I got a new mouse.
I told you we didn't do alot!


Ashley said...

Awww, Happy Birthday to you!! I'm 26, and that last birthday was REALLY hard. It's that "I'm officially in my upper 20's now" feeling...but, it hasn't been too rough :)

Summer said...

Happy 26th B-day to you....OH and that explains the Wordless Wednesday pic with cake on Kendall's face LOL....Sooo precious....

I just turned 32 girly, we are fellow Aquarius....I am the one that feels old....

Oh and I totally do the same thing, I got alot of B-Day money and I ordered Kelcee the new line of Matilda Jane clothes....yep that is what makes me happiest....

Have A Happy Thursday
Summer :0)