Day 6: Gift Ideas

Day 6: Gift ideas- What do you want?
Lets see, what do I want?
1. Money. I know that's pretty generic, but living on one paycheck for a whole year is tough.
2. To be able to go to the grocery store, and not worry about how much I'm spending.
3. New clothes. I need ones that fit.
4. Gift Cards- Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Target, Brookshires/Super 1 Foods, Wal-Mart.
5. A new car, or the be able to fix the one I have. One that has good tires, windshield wipers that work, and a windshield that doesn't have a crack in it.
6. Guitar Hero for the Wii.


kelly, said...

I know what you mean!! That lack of an extra paycheck means cutting down. Not so fun. Your baby is very cute!!!

Kim said...

thanks Kelly