Help a fellow blogger out?

OK, so I really don't know how many people actually do read my blog on a regular basis, but if there is anyone out there that does, I need some help.

We are having Kyndall's Christmas and Birthday pictures taken on Sunday. I have 2 Christmas outfits and bows and shoes picked out. One is an adorable Reindeer shirt with her name and red pants with white polka dots, and the other is a little fancy dress.

A friend of mine is making her a Minnie Mouse pillowcase dress for her birthday party, and we're going to use it for pictures. However, I have no clue what to do for birthday pictures. What poses or props or anything? This is her 2nd birthday so I don't want to do the "cake pictures" since that's traditionally done for the child's 1st birthday.

So, what I am asking for is suggestions for birthday theme pictures. Thanks!


Lisa said...

That's a hard one. :-/ Does she have a favorite doll or stuffed animal?

Kim said...

We ended up going out to a local garden and got her 3 balloons to match her outfit. Got some really cute pictures.