Thoughtless Thursday

Thursday means "Thoughtless Thursday" over at Life in the Fulmer Lane!
I figured that since Katie will soon become a mom, I'd post a picture of Kyndall's very first bath at home.
While I was still pretty drugged and in pain, I remember it pretty well. Kyndall wasn't too happy about the whole situation and pretty much screamed the whole time, but she now LOVES her bath so much that she'll climb into the tub(with or without water) while fully clothed insisting that its "baff" time.

So Katie, remember while Baby C may not enjoy his first bath, he'll learn to love them!


Jen M said...

New follower via Fun Follow Friday :)

Born 2 Be Mom said...

Aww! My daughter loves "baff time" too, she'll happily play in the tub for 20 - 30 minutes while I clean the bathroom - lol, works great!

I am following from the FFF blog hop! Would love for you to stop by and say hello some time :) Have a wonderful week!

Born 2 Be Mom