Kyndall's Bathroom

Every week Kelly over at Kelly's Korner does a "Show us Your Life" post. I have done it a few times before, but I haven't in a while.

This week's theme is bathrooms. We've got two, but the master bath isn't that impressive at all. Think early 80's split bath where the sinks are separate from the toilet and tub/shower, and you've got the master bath. So, that being said, I'll show you Kyndall's bathroom.

It was Texas themed, but we re-did it back in January to make it a little more "kid- friendly."

So without further adieu, Kyndall's bathroom:

It's not all that impressive either, but I think its pretty cute.
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MFuglseth said...

Love the colors!

Stephanie said...

lover it so my kind of bathroom

Debbie said...

Kyndall's got it good--cute bathroom.

Lindsey said...

cute cute!!

btw - the magazine I work for is doing a a cute giveaway from Etsy on their blog. Check it out!


Kim said...

Thanks ladies!

Missy Schranz said...

Howdy! I am now following your blog. It's very cute! I love the colors in your bathroom. Keep up the great work! If you have a moment, please stop by my blog. I'd love to have you!


Rona's Home Page said...

How cute.