Dr. Phil and good news

Today, while I was waiting in the waiting room for Chad to have his CT scan, Dr. Phil came on. Normally I don't want that show, but when its on a TV that you can't change the channel on, you tend to watch it. Well, the episode was about Working Moms vs. Stay at Home Moms. It was pretty interesting, and I really wanted to finish it, but Chad finally came back from his scan. There was one mom who, in a nutshell, thought that if you have to work and can't stay home with your children, then don't have children at all. Crazy? I think so! Now, yes, I'd LOVE to be a stay at home mom, but in today's economy, really? We wouldn't be able to make it and pay all our bills, eat, and have somewhat of a life. Yeah, I do get to stay at home some days with Kyndall since I am currently working part-time, which is good for me. I need time to myself away from her.

They also had a mommy blogger on the show. She created the site dooce.com. I haven't really gone to it, but from what I could gather from the show, its a pretty popular site.

Now for the good news: Chad was given a clean bill of health and can return to work on Monday!! However, his schedule is going to be 2pm- 2am. Problem with that is that the daycare Kyndall attends closes at 6, and I am not always off in time to pick her up before they close. That has caused us to come to the conclusion that I am going to have to write a letter to my boss explaining our situation and tell him that HAVE to get off no later than 5:30 so that I can pick Kyndall up from daycare. If that can not be done, that will also be my 2 week notice. Pray for an understanding boss or a full time job that will allow me to get off in time to open up.

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