What a day!

So today wasn't a good day for me and college football. OU lost to UT by 3 points because of a bad call at the very end of the game, and Baylor lost against Iowa St. of all teams, whats up with that?! However, Tech beat #15 ranked Nebraska so I guess that's not to bad. Florida also won. Who were you cheering for? If you know anything about me, I was all about the Bears. Sic 'em Bears!

Today we took Kyndall to her first pumpkin patch. We had a pretty good time and even ran into some friends from church. However, we expected to run into some of Chad's aunts since it was at their church, but oh well. Have you gone to a pumpkin patch this season?

Kyndall with her pumpkin:
Our friends we ran into. From L to R: Salem, Seth, Kyndall.

After the pumpkin patch, we went out to Kyndall's great-grandfather's(Popple) house to help go through stuff at the house. Then we went to dinner where Kyndall ate 3 chicken nuggets, 2 nilla wafers, and a french fry. That was after she ate a WHOLE banana and had nursed twice. She also nursed after we got home...I had a little piggy today!

Tomorrow we're going to church and then probably just having a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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