Whats been goin on

So some of you know that my husband, Chad, has been sick for a while now. He took a week of vacation back in June right before Father's Day, and he was a little congested then but didn't think anything of it despite the fact that I told him to go to the doctor. Well, he went back to work that Monday and had to leave early, but he went back on Tuesday and his boss sent him home. He went to the doctor and they diagnosed him the pneumonia, prescribed some meds, and told him to come back on Friday. Friday comes, and hes still not feeling any better so they give him some more meds and tell him to come back on Sunday for another x-ray.

Well, Saturday morning, hes feeling worse than ever so drop Kyndall off at a friends house and head to the ER. Five hours later, they admit him with what they are diagnosing as double pneumonia and an infection on the outside of his lungs. He stays in the hospital for 4 days before coming home. Hes off work for 2 more weeks for recovery time.

Once he does go back to work, he can only work 5 hours a day on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, we go BACK to the hospital and they readmit him, but they're not sure what he has this time. After a LONG list of tests, they decide he has mono, prescribe him more meds and send him home after 4 more days.

A week later we finally think he is well enough to go back to work...WRONG...his fever spikes back to over 102. We finally give up with the doctors here in Longview, and his mom makes him an appointment at Scott & White in Temple. After seeing 2 doctors and them doing scans and blood work, they finally figure out what caused everything. A sinus infection gone wrong. Something super simple, but the doctors here didn't think about it.

Simply put, Chad has not been to work for more than 15 hours since Father's Day. It has been rough on us emotionally, physically, and financially. He goes back to Scott & White on Wednesday, and we are hopeful that they will give him a clean bill of health and he can return back to work soon. However, God is watching over us. We have gotten some financial help from our church, my grandmother has sent us a couple of gift cards to Wal-Mart and Super 1, and then today a complete stranger paid for our groceries AND filled up our car with gas. They asked for nothing in return. we even tried to get their last name or address but they wouldn't give it to us. So if you happen to come across this and it was you, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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