So today was my first day back to work since Saturday. Yes, I had 4 days off- that was good and bad. Good cause I got to spend time with my family, but bad because there was no money coming in.

Also, I hate working in the express lane. The sign says, on 3 sides, "About 12 items or less." Now, I don't mind checking someone out if they have about 14 items, but 32? Either learn to read, count, care about others, or all three. I mean come on, there are 5 other check stands open that have more room and are more capable to handle that many items, and you won't have people behind you getting upset with you or the cashier because you held up the line...

Now for some pictures:

Despite the face, Kyndall loved going down the slide.

See? This is how she normally went down.

How cute is she?!

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