Happy Birthday Chad!!

Today is Chad's 26th birthday. Happy Birthday Babe!

I made a birthday sign and hung it on the back doors. Kyndall picked out the balloons.

I also got him a German Chocolate cake. I bought it, but last year I did make him cupcakes.

After our little celebration, we packed our bags and the car and headed to Temple for Chad's doctors appt. It rained almost the entire way. At one point, we were going 40MPH in a 70MPH zone because we couldn't see the car in front of us. As soon as we got into Waco, I35 was at an almost standstill. I'm still not so sure what happened, but we saw 3 ambulances and 4 fire trucks once we started somewhat moving.

Once we got to Temple, Chad's mom was working on Chad's birthday dinner- Chicken 'n Dumplings...needless to say, Kyndall LOVES dumplings, but find a food that child doesn't like. LOL.

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