15 Months!

Edit: Weight has been changed.

Kyndall, you are 15 months old today!

This is what you looked like one year ago:

And this is now. My, how you have grown!
What are you up to these days?
- You are about 18.8lbs and 28 inches tall.
- You are wearing mostly 3-6/6-9 month clothes.
- You are completely weaned from nursing. You're last day to nurse was March 17.
- You love to eat pizza crust, bananas, apples, cheese, eggs, broccoli, corn, peas, green beans, spaghetti/lasagna, french fries, and cookies. You're not a big fan of carrots(though you're eating more), meat, potato salad, pickles, and zucchini.
- You are more talkative and saying: momma, dada, baby, bah(ball), heh(here), waz at(whats that), hi, bye, no, and yep.
- You are blowing kisses.
- You LOVE bubbles!
- You have been to your first Easter egg hunt which you enjoyed taking the eggs out of your basket instead of picking them up.
- You think that the Easter bunny is just as scary, if not more scary, than Santa.
- You enjoy throwing the couch pillows on the floor and jumping from the couch on to the pillows.


Summer said...

How stinkin cute! She looks like she is super excited about the egg hunt! Love her basket and outfit....super cute!

Wow they grow up so fast....it's like ya blink and then they are walking and talking and a toddler LOL....

Kelcee loves throwing couch pillows off the couch too....What is it with babies and couch pillows and laundry baskets?!?! LOL....

Have a fab day
Summer :0)

Kacie said...

She is a-dor-a-ble!

I didn't realize she is such a tiny tot! What a sweet baby.

Marice said...

awww she's such a doll :)

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