Friday Friday!


This week wasn't so bad honestly, but I was ready for today!

Tonight, Chad, Kyndall, and I went out with one of our couple friends. We went to dinner and then to Putt-Putt. Needless to say, the game wouldn't have taken so long had we not had this little cutie with us!

She was so funny! You see what shes holding in her right hand? Well, that is bread that she got at dinner. She would not put it down for anything! Therefore, she always had the bread in one hand and some one's ball or her putter in the other. I love this picture because it actually looks like shes about to putt.

Tonight, Baylor men's basketball team was playing in the Sweet 16 game against St. Mary's. Well, in order to cheer on the Bears, Kyndall and I wore our newest Baylor gear. (OK, well, we had the bow and socks, but her dress is new!)

Here she is excited about hearing that the Bears won! You can also see the BU on her bow, her dress, and her socks.
Tomorrow, we're planning on going to the local daffodil gardens and getting some spring pictures. Not sure what else we're doing, but it will probably involve dishes and laundry.
Sunday is church day. We are signed up for breakfast, and we're taking an egg casserole dish. Then after service, we have a church wide family lunch and children's egg hunt. This will be Kyndall's first egg hunt so I'm pretty excited! Sunday afternoon, we may be doing a small photo shoot for my business, but it depends on what time we get done at church and what kind of mood Kyndall is in!


Summer said...

Kyndall is just precious! I love that pic of her trying to putt! She looks so in the moment really concentrating on the ball LOL....

I love her Baylor cheerleading outfit....that pic of you two is precious!

Have fun at the Daffodil garden.....

Have a great weekend
Summer :0)

Letherton said...

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