Picture Me Monday

We went to the daffodil garden this weekend and took a lot of pictures. Kyndall wasn't so sure about being put in the middle of the flowers, but then again, she wasn't much taller than most of them...lol.

These are just a few of my favorites. (I would post more, but I'm having issues with uploading pictures again...

We ran into a couple from our church, and he offered to take a family picture. I was glad we saw someone we knew because I hate asking strangers to take pictures!

We did an outfit change about half way through from her bunny dress from Mimi to her Easter dress from Grandma. This wasn't the best picture in her dress, but its the only one I could get to post.

If I can get blogger to work right, I'll post some more spring pictures.

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oh I am your new follower and your pictures are adorable!

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