Picture Me Monday

Now, I understand that this may shock you, but it snowed Saturday night/Sunday morning. Yes, the first night and full day of spring. In Texas. Where it was in the 70's on Friday.

Here's Kyndall sitting in the backyard wearing her bear suit and holding her cup of teddy grahams.

Eating a snow ball. She'd eat it, but not hold it.

Kyndall stepping down the step in the front of the house. You can really see the flakes in this picture!

She thought it was so funny when the snow flake landed on her eye lashes. I thought it was pretty cute!


Summer said...

I just love the last pic of her with the snow flake on her eye lashes! She looks like she is having snow much fun....

She is the cutest little bear I have ever seen!

I lived in Houston after High School for a year and I cannot believe it is snowing there in March....That is crazy....

Summer :0)

Lesli said...

What is up with this crazy weather?? Love the pictures, she is such a doll!! Have a great week!