It's FRIDAY!!!

This week really wasn't that bad. I'm not sure if this week went by super fast or really slow! I think maybe a little of both? Some days went fast and others slow. Oh well, either way, Friday finally came!

This morning I got called into work early, but it was fine. I was there for about an hour and then had an hour lunch break and then back from 12-6. The kids had JELL-O for snack this afternoon to wrap up "Rainbow Week" (they were learning about the colors of the rainbow[remember ROY G BIV?] and how they are created). We took the extra yellow Jell-o down to the toddler room so they could share in the fun. I was told that Kyndall LOVED it! She ate 4 handfuls!

This evening when we got home, before dinner, we let Kyndall play outside some. She LOVES to be outside. She was laughing and smiling and dancing and just enjoying life! She even found the water puddle. LOL!

Tomorrow I am going over to my business partner's house to work on some orders and get some things organized and get an inventory done. I think we may also try and go to the park and let Kyndall run around in the grass. (Our yard is still so wet and muddy!) I'm sure there will be some laundry and cleaning done tomorrow as well.
Sunday is probably church and more laundry/cleaning. Exciting, I know!

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