Well, its Friday! Wahoo!
I had to be at work early this morning, at 7:15, but I did get off early. We were low in numbers so because I was the one who had been there the longest, I was able to get off early. However, I don't have much to do. Kyndall is with her grandparents and won't be home until later; Chad is doing ER clinicals, and my brother is in his room doing who knows what...
I think tonight, we(or at least my mom, Kyndall, and I) are going to the mall to look for Easter dresses.
Tomorrow everyone is heading back to their respective residences. Not sure what time everyone is heading back though. However, they may need to look at the weather because they are forecasting rain and snow. Yes, snow, again. In March. In Texas.
Sunday is of course church and then just hanging out.


Summer said...

Picking out Easter dresses sounds like fun! Hope you have a great time!! I just got Kelcee's in the mail the other day! I am sooo excited!

Your brother sounds like my brother....when he comes to visit he takes over our downstairs rec room as does whatever....LOL....

Kendall is sooo cute....I love her litte teeth grin....precious!

So your hubs is in the medical field? What does he do? Mine is and A/V Technician for a P/R firm....

Summer :0)

Kim said...

My husband is an EMT student. He's in his first year