Spring Break

I promise I haven't forgotten about this entry, but I've been having issues uploading pictures...

On Friday the 12th, my brother got home, and we really didn't do a lot that night since I still wasn't feeling to good.

Saturday, while Chad was taking his sister to meet up with her ride back to school, my brother and I went to lunch at Smash Burger and then ran a couple of errands. We were hoping to get done in time to get home and clean a little more before my parents called to say they were in Louisiana, but that didn't happen. So after we got done at our last stop, we ran home, grabbed a few things we needed for the mini road trip, and headed out to meet my parents at my grandma's house. We got there about 30 minutes before my parents did so we let Kyndall run around outside. She LOVED being able to play outside, in the grass, and I loved the fact that we didn't have to make sure she didn't run into the street! When my parents got there, we visited for a while and then my other grandmother and aunt showed up for a quick visit. Afterwards, we went to Mr. Gatti's for some pizza.

Sunday morning while my parents were at church was full of packing and getting things together for our trip to San Antonio. We left town around 11, which is about when I expected and earlier than Chad expected. (About 20 minutes down the road, we had to pull over so I could move to the back and sit with Kyndall) My dad and Chad decided to take I20 to Dallas and catch I35 for the rest of the trip. The drive on I20 was not bad at all, but once we stopped for lunch and got onto I35, things started to go down hill! It was traffic jam, stop and go traffic, another traffic jam, etc. for about 30 miles. We pulled of in Waco and let Kyndall wander around for a little while, and we also bought a few Baylor shirts. Then, about 20 minutes from our hotel, Kyndall gets sick, and I'm not talking just a little sick. It went all over her, her carseat, me, and the seat in front of her. So we had to pull over and clean up that mess. We finally made it to and checked into our hotel around 9:00 that night. 10 hours after leaving!

Monday was Sea World day! We got to Sea World just about the time the gates opened so we got pretty good parking and the lines were moving pretty fast. We started the day off with going to see the penguins and puffins. I'm not sure how Kyndall liked them, but she kept calling the puffins "baby." After that we headed to the sea lion show. We hit up the normal things- the dolphins, the sharks, the stores, and of course Shamu! Which was pretty neat because they were debuting the baby whale that was born Jan. 7, 2010. We also went to the Big Bird Beach Party, which Kyndall really enjoyed! However, the coolest part, and probably Kyndall's favorite, was getting to play in a "foam room." It was designed for children under 3 and everything was padded and cushioned. Parents were allowed in to help supervise(though some did a better job than others...) so I got in with her while the rest of the family sat on the outside and took pictures. Kyndall crashed after that! We left the park around 5:30-6ish.

Tuesday morning we loaded back up and headed home. My parents stopped in Georgetown to see my brothers school while Chad, Kyndall and I went onto Temple to see his mom. We met back up in Temple for lunch and then headed to Waco to stop at the Collin Street Bakery. After that, we headed home. This time we took a different route!

Wednesday Kyndall stayed home while I went to work. Thursday Kyndall and I both went to school while Chad did ER clinicals and my parents spent some time with my brother. Friday I went to work, Kyndall went with my parents to see great grandmothers, my brother stayed home, and Chad was back in the ER doing 12 more hours of clinicals. Yesterday I didn't feel well so I didn't do much in the morning, but that afternoon, my mom and I went shopping and got new Easter outfits.

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