Thoughtless Thursday

Thursdays mean Thoughtless Thursday over at Katie's Life in the Fulmer Lane!
This weeks picture is on Kyndall with snow in her hair. We walked out of Wal-Mart on Sunday afternoon, and the snow was coming down hard and in big flakes, and they showed up so well on Kyndall's head so I told Chad to take a picture of it.
Who would have thought that we'd have flakes that big here in Texas, in late March?!


Summer said...

She is so stinkin cute! Wow those flakes are big coming out of Texas! Global warming I say LOL....

Summer :0)

Katie said...

can you BELIEVE the snow we got!?!? CRA-ZY!!! thanks for playing thoughtless thursday!!! kyndall is just adorable!!!

Caroline said...

The weather is soooo crazy this year! I'm hoping for sunshine and warm weather soon!